About Me

Ich habe gerade einfaches Mädchen mit einem einfachen Leben.

Hello bloggers!

Twenty-One. A International Business student. I live in Sri Indah Residence, Cheras.

Sometimes life’s a bitch. You don’t always get what you want and 90% of the time the truth hurts. We tend to spend way too much time on people who aren’t worth it, and not enough on the people who deserve it. We don’t say I love you enough to the ones who need to hear it. We tend to get our hopes up which leaves room for disappointment. We never completely know what you are doing. We screw things up. There are times we trust too easily and forgive too quickly. Life may not be all its cracked up to be, but life’s what you make it. There’s no time for regrets or what ifs. Life’s too short for that (:

And hello earthlings I'm Nur Azizah Abd Rahman. Call me Jijie.

Insult me; I'll laugh. I'm not here to impress you, I promise! lol (: you can't faze me. Mostly because I know I'm better than you. I only need a few choice kids in my life, the rest of you can bite the dust. But remember: You Don't Know Me! so you pretty much fail already. Love me; Good for you! Odds are, I love you too! Unless your really insecure. Then you bother me.

I am young. Persistent. Rebellious but not bad as you think. I am who I am.

That's all, Jijie.